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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

the nuts and bolts of it

I went to the doc today to discuss my hardware removal!!!! Like, thank you for existing but ok get the fuck out now.

So anyway, apparently it's a super easy recovery. Doc says I'll be able to walk out of the hospital same day, and should just bring one crutch for soreness. I have to keep it dry for a week because of stitches, and have to elevate and ice for swelling which won't be nearly as bad as the first time, especially because I can put weight on it and it won't be immobilized. So, eager as hell, we set the date for Jan 16th. But then I got to work and my manager mentioned that that time would be really busy and asked me to postpone 2 weeks. Sigh. I called the doc to reschedule but they haven't called me back yet. Now I'm antsy.

I JUST WANT IT OUT. Even though I'm super afraid of surgery. But I seriously can't think about all the damn hardware anymore. Can I please move on with my life for chrissake? Thank you. Amen.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Broken Ankle Diaries: 8 Months Post-Op

Here are just a few of the emails I mentioned - some are complete, some are just snippets of longer ones:

Broken ankle person #1:

I had ankle surgery 6 weeks and 2 days ago on my lower fibula (one metal plate and five screws) after falling while penny skateboarding. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience and being so honest (including the challenges of peeing post-op). Living in a college dorm with no elevator really sucks, but reading your posts helps me realize I'm not alone. I relate to every one of your posts, and find hope when I want to break down and cry like a baby because my friends want to go do something fun and can't understand why I don't "want" to go. Truly, only people who have been on crutches understand the daily struggles (and perhaps our boyfriends who have been there every step of the way).  Good luck with your ankle and I look forward to reading more about the rest of your recovery!


Broken ankle person #2:

I broke my tibia down by the ankle and did not have surgery...its been 8 weeks.
I have no pain anymore unless I massage my foot deeply, the dr said I can put weight on the foot w the boot on...actually inside I am walking w crutches and no boot, just w socks on....still no pain. I even tried one crutch only and no boot today and it was slow going but fine/no pain
I am swollen  still and very stiff....but I think I am doing well considering I did not have the surgery. Did you go to rehab??? Or did you do all your rehab at home? Watching your video made me feel so not alone...the crutches are whats driving me crazy...


Broken ankle person #3:

Thanks so much for your blog.  I'm approaching three weeks post surgery on a fracture of both bones in my leg just above my ankle and I'm reading anything I can to stay anywhere near centered about what this is like. I normally travel a lot for work so I'm used to new places and new people and new things ALL THE TIME.  Now I'm non weight bearing for six weeks, then working back to walking after that and it's rough. The narcotics and bowels, check.  Sleeping in unnatural positions, check. Altering my diet because I'm a sloth now, check.  Me, the big strong man breaking into tears of depression because I hadn't left the house in more than a week, check. At least with your story I know I'm something closer to normal than I feel. Total?  Three fractures, two plates, 15 screws and two surgical incisions. The bright side is that I actually can work from home...


Broken ankle person #4:

Mother-fING shittiest injury of ALL TIME.

Your blog:  I laugh, I cringe, I laugh some more. 

Substitute your J for my two young children and their Dad...and the rest is exactly the same.  One exception, I believe I went off on an indignant verbal tirade on the nurses after my surgery while I was still under anesthesia that probably was not actually working between my brain and body.

Two children with heads like great big melons doesn't compare to the misery of the broken ankle.