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Sunday, November 17, 2013


Today - at nearly 7 months post-ankle surgery - I finally mustered up the guts to take my first yoga class. If you're a regular reader here, you know I've got a pretty consistent yoga practice at home, and have been working at it since as soon as I had the energy post-op (see here, here, here and here). However, I've been too scared to go to an actual class...with people...and teachers...and actual flows.

Going today was a combination of feeling ready, being really sick of my home practice, and feeling kind of stuck with where my body recovery is overall. I went to Seth Hutton's class at Yoga Pearl - he's fucking amazing and his class was PERFECT. I approached him before class and told him it was my first time back - he smiled and said he'd keep an eye on me for adjustments.

So, the class: first of all the room was heated but not boiling, so my ankle and leg muscles got nice and loose. Well, loose-ish...as loose as one could hope for. Second, his pacing was amazing - his focus for the day was slow and intentional rather than rigorous. Yes there were certain things I couldn't do - some because I lost strength and flexibility after surgery, and some stuff was just beyond where I was before the ankle break. (For example in downward dog, my left heel can touch the floor but my right is still about an inch off). I was perfectly challenged. I thanked Seth for the class afterward and he said he had his eyes on me but didn't think I needed to be adjusted - definitely a confidence boost.

After a green juice and some icing (my achilles has really been bugging me lately), I feel great. I will definitely be going back. Weeeee!!!

Take away: Ankle breakers, do everything you can to stay loose and strong. If you're bed-ridden, stretch in bed. If you're just beginning to walk, try my yoga videos or swim or get on a recumbent bike. The longer you stay inactive the more challenging it will be to get active again - I promise it's worth it. If you want more in-depth advice on how to do that, don't hesitate to reach out.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

chelsea boot girl

In July - right around my 3 month post-op mark - Cat Footwear was kind enough to send me a pair of boots. These boots were gorgeous. Deep brown leather, flawless stitching, tough but femme...PULL-ON CHELSEA BOOTS.

What I mean by this is, chelsea boots have no zippers, no laces - you pull them on and you pull them off. Mind you, I had just started walking at that point (sans boot or crutches). I was still in sneakers every day. Like a good girl, I waited a few weeks to try them on, but eventually I grew tired of waiting and had to GET THOSE BEAUTIES ON MY FEET. So...

Left foot: In. Easy breezy.
Right foot: In! Cool. Whew.
Can I walk in them? Hm, yes I can (though at that point they rubbed against my sensitive ankle screw like crazy. Ok better take them off now.
Left foot: Out. Easy.
Right foot: HOLY SHIT MOTHER FUCKER I CAN'T GET THIS THING OFF. I was stuck, like a Chinese finger trap. My foot wasn't flexible enough to pull out yet and it hurt like hell. Obviously the only way out was to pull hard and shimmy, so that's what I did and eventually got out, but it wasn't pleasant and I felt sorry for myself.

So, fast-forward to this past week (about 3 months later), I decided to try those beautiful bitches on again. Both feet slid in easily, and - since I had to know right away what I would be in for should I decide to wear them that day - both feet came right out!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaand here they are...

Thank you to Cat Footwear, you made me happy in more ways than just gorgeous footwear. :)